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Educational and Technical visits for professionals

Finland and especially Oulu Region is know for its advanced Educational system and high-level technological achievements. We welcome professionals to experience the means this area is the word leader in those fields. We offer you various options for different programs and visit destinations. Learn more about the programs and activities below.

Learn English in Oulu

Finland is an ideal location for learning English due to top-quality language teaching in our school system. Read more about our English courses and other options for Educational and Technical visits in Oulu.

Leader in education

Finland has a strong educational reputation recognized worldwide. Year after year the Finnish education system is ranked as one of the best education systems in the world. That is why an increasing number of visitors travel to Finland to learn more about our education system.

Oulu was nominated as the most intelligent city in Europe in 2012 and 2013. The whole region is filled with interesting destinations to learn more about the Finnish school system, management of the school, phenomenon-based learning, STEM (meaning science, technology, engineering and mathematics ), and use of ICT.

How to teach coding?

Oulu-based Code School Finland is the leading private company in Finland teaching programming both to children and adults.

Read more about Code School’s Program and about other programs we have to offer for your educational or techinal visit to Oulu Region. 

Advanced technology

Oulu regions is known for its advanced technology development. For example, Oulu, under the leadership of Nokia and the University of Oulu, have been among the world leaders in the development of 5G, the 5th generation networks that are now in the phase of commercialization.  In Oulu we are already focusing on 6G, the 6th generation networks that will revolutionaze the world in around year 2030. 

Hence, Oulu Region is an ideal destination for technical visits.

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