A new ring route, the Pohjola Route, has been launched in the Oulu region. The route is approximately 900 km/560 mi in length, and it offers unique experiences and adventures to families and nature enthusiasts, both to those driving and those using public transport. The route has nine legs, so you can plan your own version of it.

Pohjola Route truly covers all the best aspects of Northern Finnish nature. You’ve got urban city culture – and fascinating ice age formations that date back 10,000 years. You’ve got the southernmost fells in Finland as well as golden beaches. You’ll see a stunning wetland with thousands of migrating birds and a rustic seaside town with a rich history. All this is complemented by the largest island in the Bay of Bothnia, only accessible by ferry; however, in the heart of winter you can drive over on an ice road that makes its way through an amazing sparkling white moon landscape. Sunglasses are a must!

Winter in Pohjola Route
Winter sceneries in Pohjola Route

There are plenty of opportunities for many kinds of memorable experiences and activities that you can participate in, in all four seasons. Fatbikes are great for cycling round the year. You can go hiking on foot and with snowshoes in the winter, and both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are available in multiple locations. The Oulu region is brilliant for aurora, bird and reindeer spotting. Kayaking is a lovely way to take in the surrounding nature, and in the heart of winter you can go ice fishing or just walk on ice. There are lots of art and culture attractions also to inspire and invigorate body and soul. Thanks to the robust infrastructure that is a given in the world’s happiest country, sustainability and responsibility are strong core values and principles that are always taken care of – we want visitors to get their part of the Finnish happiness.

“Pohjola Route is a brilliant cross section of the best sides of Finland. I’m very excited by the vast possibilities it offers for tourists. The beautiful, varied nature experiences, clean air and four seasons coupled with all the amenities of modern urban living is a very attractive combination for a holiday”, says Yrjötapio Kivisaari, Managing Director of VisitOulu.

For more information on Pohjola Route and VisitOulu travel region, please contact:
Yrjötapio ”Y.t.” Kivisaari, Managing Director, VisitOulu
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