Gone fishing

A river and a campfire. What else do you need to get that off grid feeling to let your nervous system reboot. A compact 3 hour getaway from the city. The guided trip includes all angling equipment and transportation. Just bring some snacks. The pick-up and drop-off location can be customized according to your needs.

It’s a 25 minute drive from Oulu and we can park right next to the river and fire pit, so we get straight to the point when we arrive. You don’t need anything special with you, just bring some long sleeved clothes for protection against the sun, wind, rain or mosquitos. Or if we are lucky, all of them. We leave at 10 am and we are back about 1 pm.

Reservation for 1-7 people. Price is 49.5 – 148.5 € / person. Dogs are allowed if it’s ok for all guests. The van is a stock van and officially the locations are not wheelchair accessible, but send us a mail or call us and we’ll check if we are able to work out a trip.

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