Day hike in a nature reserve

A day hike in a nature reserve (possibly the next national park) just a 25 minute drive from the city center of Oulu. Just pack a lunch and hop on board! Transportation from Oulu is included. The length of the hike is approximately 5 kilometers and it is suitable for everyone with basic physical fitness.

The pace is easy, we stop to admire the nature we see and to take breaks. The hike in the diverse terrain of Sanginjoki is prepared and led by a professional nature and wilderness guide trained in Finnish Lapland.

How do I get there?

The “nature bus” leaves at 10 am and will bring you back at the end of the day, about 2 pm. Transportation is included in the price. The pick-up and drop-off location can be customized according to your needs.

What do I need?

A rain-proof jacket or a shell. Wear long sleeved clothes to protect you from mosquitos and pack an extra layer in case it gets chilly. And shoes that you feel comfortable walking in. Hiking boots are not necessary, but it’s a forest, so no flip flops please. Dress according to the weather. Bring drinking water and a tasty lunch.

Reservation for 1-7 people. Price is 49.5 – 148.5 € / person. Dogs are allowed if it’s ok for all guests.

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Drone photo of a forest and a stream.