Paintball Areena

Fast-paced indoor games, without the mess of ordinary paintballs, are played in the arena all


Paintball Areena

In der Arena werden schnelle Hallenspiele das ganze Jahr über gespielt, und dass ohne das


Hupisaaret islands – a green oasis in the town centre The Hupisaaret islands are a


Nallikari – the Riviera of the North Its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent sunsets have

Suomen koodikoulu Code School Finland

Code School Finland

Code School Finland organises programming workshops in Oulu, for example with robotics or game themes.

Lovi työpaja

Lovi Workshop

We invite you to the Lovi workshop for memorable moments! The hand-painted and ready-to-assemble Lovi

Finnaction pilkkimistä Oulussa


All year round, we arrange high-quality and varied outdoors and nature activities. In the winter,

Outdoors Oulu

Outdoors Oulu

Guided fat bike cross-country tours are available all year round. Fat bikes suitable for cycling


You can splash about in Oulu’s Raatti and Raksila swimming pools all year round. Swimmers


The Tietomaa science centre has Åström’s leather factory and 19th-century large-scale industry to thank for

SuperPark Oulu

SuperPark Oulu is an exciting experience park for the whole family, with fun activities for


Oulu is one of the best cycling cities in Finland. The town has over 600

Oulu climbing centre

The Oulu climbing centre offers indoor climbing and bouldering activities. The centre has approximately 1,000

Nallikari OuluSafaris

Oulu Safaris

Oulu Safaris – unforgettable experiences in Oulu Oulu Safaris has a long history in providing

Oulu Lines

Nautical experiences are an intrinsic aspect of life in Oulu. Spend a summer’s day cruising



A hot air balloon flight is an unforgettable experience! You will gently sail across the

Leijakoulu Lappis


Kite School Lappis invites everybody to enjoy Oulu’s diverse water and wind sports. it offers


The Bay of Bothnia and the rivers that cut through the Oulu region offer numerous

Go Arctic Events

The professional, knowledgeable and multilingual guides of Oulu Region Tourist Guides are at your service

Go Arctic Events

Go Arctic Events is a professional activity and events organiser based in Oulu. We offer

Exit Oulu

This is a game. You have 60 minutes – can you escape? Round up a


The Escurial Zoo and Flower Park in Liminka is a fun day out for the