City of Oulu Educational & Cultural Services


Educational and Cultural Services, Oulu is a provider of high-quality education in Finland. Early education and care, primary, secondary and upper secondary education and education for adults are organized in our services. We also arrange development sessions, consultancy and in-service training.

Our products:

EDUpacks consist of a visit to one or several early education centres or schools. A presentation on childcare or education is followed by a tour in the early education groups or school classes. Lectures, consultation sessions and workshops on themes derived from Finnish curricula can be negotiated to complement the visit.

The visitors get to know some of the best practices of the local implementation of the Finnish core curricula through interaction with local directors, principals and teachers.

Ms Kristiina Kangas
+358 40 159 6210

Ms. Laura Ritola
+358 40 665 6048

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