Hotel-Restaurant Liminganlahti


A wonderful setting for an event or meeting, and a
delightfully unusual overnight stay on the shore of Finland’s
most important bird wetlands. Welcome to Hotel­Restaurant
Liminka Bay! Our hotel’s six unique rooms, each named for
bird species found in the area, are available for booking all
year round. For meetings and events, we have four separate
rooms and a dining room. In addition, the visitor centre has
an auditorium with a capacity for up to 80 persons, a
conference room for up to 25 persons, a laidback 12­person
sauna cabinet, a glass hall for up to 50 persons, and a
restaurant hall for up to 120 persons. We welcome you to
savour the delights of Liminka Bay! Restaurant, café and
accommodation services, meeting rooms, campfire sites,
events, souvenirs.


Liminka, on the shores of Liminka Bay, south of Oulu. The nature centre is 35 km from Oulu.


Mon–Fri 10 am to 6 pm, Sat–Sun 10 am to 4 pm.

Hotelli-Ravintola Liminganlahti
Rantakurvi 6
91900 Liminka
+358 400 565 040

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