Learn the Finnish lifestyle where nature is near you. Enjoy outdoor games, activities, bird watching and fresh air. Learn the history of Finnish life at the countryside. Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is a beautiful hotel at the seashore located 4 km from the Oulu airport. The hotel has its own restaurant and a Lappish hut by the sea, which is frozen during the winters.

Our products:

There are two three nights and two day camp school packages for pupils searching for experience of Finnish lifestyle and local living. The programs are for winter season and spring-summer-autumn season.
In winter season we chase the auroras and learn the traditions of Finnish Christmas and experience the Christmas Eve. In other seasons, we learn the Finnish history at Kempele local museum. Both of the programs include outdoor activities, which will be done on the frozen sea during the winter and in the lightness of the nightless night during the summer time.

Pentti Säkkinen
Contact phone: +358 8 514 5100

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