Lovi Workshop


We invite you to the Lovi workshop for memorable moments! The hand-painted and ready-to-assemble Lovi products represent ecological Finnish design at its best. Lovi workshop offers both watercolours and a Lovi product made of Finnish birch plywood.

In addition to the Lovi range sold in our factory shop, the Oulun Taito Shop also offers a wide range of local design and craftsmanship. Everything is made in Finland. Cafe Hanna is a pleasant place to stop by while out shopping.

In the workshop, you can let your imagination run free. Paint your own unique character and shape it by hand. You can easily choose from products that are easy to assemble into simple characters, or you can give your brain a workout with more complex creations. We offer creativity and the joy of success!

Lovi workshop is suitable for everyone: children, adults, families, the elderly, tourists or work teams. All groups are welcome.

Welcome to the world of Lovi!

Lovi Factory Shop
Taito Shop Oulu
Rautatienkatu 11 B
90100 Oulu
+358 40 352 2082

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