Oulujärvi is a stunning place to visit. Its waters, sandy beaches and pine forests are unique. Trails pass through spacious pine forests and across beach embankments. On the long sandy beaches, you’ll be sure to find your own favourite spot to relax and have a swim.

The recreation area includes land and water areas on Manamansalo Island and the Niskanselkä area of the Oulujärvi Lake. There are a total of about 17 km of marked hiking trails around the Manamansalo camping area. The trails pass through easy terrain in the island’s dry pine heaths. You can follow the trails to explore the special characteristics of Manamansalo: lichen heaths, the steep cliffsides of the shores of the Oulujärvi Lake, the old-growth wilderness of Rapsunkangas and Jylhänniemi, old tar distillation traditions, and clear forest ponds, which are popular spots for recreational fishing.

Manamansalon leirintäalue
Teeriniementie 156
88340 Manamansalo



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