Pilpasuo is a large mire in Eastern Oulu. Almost entirely unditched, this mire is protected by the national wetlands conservation programme and the Natura 2000 programme.   Most of the area has been either bought by the state for conservation purposes or protected.  The Pilpasuo mire has for the most part developed on an ancient seaside meadow (3000 years old). The mire basin is in the old bed of the River Oulu.

In the Pilpasuo area, you’ll see lush spruces, dry heaths, black alders (which are rare in Oulu) – and even sand dunes. There are 23 different types of mire.  Pilpasuo has an abundance of springs. Plenty of groundwater flows into the mire basin from the surrounding moraine hills and the Pilpakangas heath. One of the sightseeing attractions in Pilpasuo is the ancient beach of Ala-Korkiakangas. The summits of Ala-Korkiakangas are covered by a field of jagged rocks, which 6500 years ago was a small island in the sea. This field now rises 55 m above sea level. There, you can also see stone formations built by human hands. It’s still a mystery who made them, when and why.

Thanks to the diversity of its nature, Pilpasuo is a favourite spot for birds. You can spot plenty of species in this area – including owls.  In addition, the area boasts a wide range of other fauna. The most common mammals are squirrels, elks and hares, but the area is also home to foxes, least weasels and stoats.

The major flowers of Pilpasuo are the pink bog rosemary, the impressive menyanthes and the elegant leatherleaf, whose white flowers blossom abundantly at the turn of May and June. Around Pahalampi Pond, you can find purple marshlocks, a large waterside shrub. The most common plants in the mire are mosses (of the genus Sphagnum).

The nature trail in Pilpasuo is largely built with duckboards. There are two routes. The first, a short, one-km walk around Pahalampi Pond, is particularly suitable for families with children. The longer route, about 7 km, provides a good overview of the entire area. There are rest stops and lean-to shelters northwest of Pahalampi Pond and in the southern parts of the mire, alongside the longer route.

It’s easy to get to Pilpasuo. Take Vaalantie road, north of the River Oulu, and immediately after crossing the River Sanki, turn left onto Peräkyläntie road. Drive 1.5 km. The road then turns into a gravel road that was resurfaced in 2013. Keep driving 2.3 km and you will reach the parking lot where the nature trail starts.

Pilpasuon suojelualue ja luontopolku
Miehonseläntie 190–256
90650 Oulu


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