Saaga Travel


Saaga Travel Oy is distinguished transportation company and Incoming operator in Northern Finland. We have long term expertise of tour operating and bus travel. When you need high-quality tours, innovative travel packages or transportations in Oulu region we are your reliable partner.

Incoming services

Our DMC / incoming tour operator services build on our strong foundation in passenger transport services, on top of which we build our own high-quality and distinctive travel packages.

We focus on

  • DMC services for groups staying in Oulu Region
  • day trips from Oulu to nearby destinations, and
  • round trips in Northern Finland and Northern Scandinavia
    In our own tours, our main target customer group is small high- end leisure groups, including families (8-15 pax). However, we work with all kinds of groups, including leisure, business and youth groups; leisure and business FITs with private car and driver service; and technical and educational visit groups.
    We have our own ready-made round trip itineraries which we can customize to your needs. We can also make completely customized packages based on your needs

Tour and package examples:

  • In Search of Sources of Finnish Happiness – Live Like a Finn
  • Customized biking roundtrips in Northern Finland

  • Teacher Training Course: How to Teach Sustainability

  • Camp School: Strengthening Entrepreneurial and Working Life Skills

Please contact us for further information.

Johanna Salmela

+358 40 826 2345

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