The Hovisuo skatepark is number one for skateboarding in Oulu. Its 4,000 square metres of concrete and asphalt surfaces include banks, ditches, pyramids and ledges. Skateboarders from all across Finland visit this skatepark, which was chosen as sports centre of the year 2011. Skateparks can also be found at sports centres in Heinäpää, Pateniemi, Niittyaro, Talvikkipuisto and Lintula.

The Freestyle Hall at SuperPark is a paradise for adrenalin junkies. Plenty of space and freedom for expression for the body, skateboards, scooters and BMXes. An enormous foam pool, a 600-m2 concrete skatepark, climbing walls and trampolines let you test your skills and push yourself to the limit in safety.


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