Upseerikerho (officer’s club) has been a popular location for
celebrations for decades, originally for the military and later
for the general public as well. The club premises have been
carefully renovated with respect for their decades of
tradition, and the atmosphere retains its historical charm
and dignity. The club has three different­sized areas that can
be booked for various functions and events. The Juhlasali
(ballroom) can accommodate 60 people, Perinnesali
(“traditional hall”) 40 people, and Naisten kamari (“ladies’
chamber”) 30 people. The environment of the barracks areas
is uniquely beautiful. Lunch is served on weekdays at
Upseerikerho – you are warmly welcome!

Veteraanikatu 2
90130 Oulu
p. 020 757 4701
lasaretti (at)

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