Vanha Paloasema Bar & Patio


Liveliness, genuine people, a relaxed and cheerful
atmosphere make for a unique experience at the Vanha
Paloasema restaurant complex, which as the Finnish name
indicates is in what used to be a fire station. The building’s
past function is still visible today, not only in the name but
also in the milieu. The heroism of fire­fighters is still highly
valued, as is the shared sense of purpose and coordinated
efforts. The complex consists of three warmly welcoming
restaurants, with a downstairs bar and sauna facilities. The
restaurant complex seats a total of 250 guests, and in the
summer there is a terrace with a capacity for almost 200
more. The terrace is a great place for enjoying flame­grilled
burgers, playing games, or simply relaxing in good company.
The bar serves no­fuss, tasty options such as snails, salads
and burgers, and of course a wide selection of drinks. The
drinks list includes both local brewery products and the
latest cocktails and wine treats.

Vanha Paloasema Baari & Patio
Kauppurienkatu 24 A
90100 Oulu
+358 44 788 6190

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