Hupisaaret Theatre


The Hupisaaret theatre is finally opening to the public after a two-year hiatus. The architecturally impressive new outdoor grandstand offers music, business and theatre experiences for up to 300 viewers at a time.

The performance season traditionally starts at Mid-Summer with a show by Oulun Työväen Näyttämö (‘Oulu Workers’ Stage’). This year’s play is Espanjankärpänen. Also, the Hupisaarten theatre offers Akseli Klonk’s theatre for children, Teatteri Neliapila’s ”Pienyrittäjä Pöntinen ja bisnesenkelit” and Teatteri Saaga’s reality-based play ”Punaisten lintujen maa”.

Concerts are also organised at the theatre. The performing season continues until mid-September.

Hupisaarten teatteri

Kasarmintie 13, 90100 Oulu
+358 44 703 7221