Code School Finland offers classes, workshops and camps for school groups and teachers as well as other education professionals in Oulu region. In addition to coding, participants learn working-life skills such as project management, team-work and presentation skills.

Code School Finland’s educational products are based on a digital teaching material library that the company has developed. All teaching material corresponds with the objectives of the Finnish national curriculum for primary education. All material has been developed and tested in Finnish classrooms with teachers and students.

”We tailor workshop contents to the participants age, skill level and learning goals. Sometimes visitors have a tight schedule and can only stop by for half a day. Even then we can spark an interest towards coding by introducing quick hands-on projects”, says Kaisu Pallaskallio from Code School Finland. ”We can create feelings of success and raise a desire to learn more. ”

Awarded educational product

Code School Finland also runs 3-5 day intensive camps that provide excellent opportunities for learning coding and building more impressive games or robotic projects. Their concept ”Robotic Escape Room camp” recently won the Educational Top Product Award by Visit Finland for its innovative way of teaching future skills in a fun way.

During the 4-day Robotic Escape Room camp, students learn to operate with microcontrollers, sensors, and electrical circuits to build robotic challenges. The robots are then combined to a playable Escape Room game that participants compete to solve. For example, if the theme of the game is music, and the first solvable question would be ”A music genre from deep south of USA played by Muddy Waters”, then players would need to understand to show something of color blue to the robot, which would detect it with its color sensors and give out the next challenge. 

Not just for nerds, also for teachers

Code School Finland also provides teacher training and professional lectures for curriculum developers. The approach that Finland has selected to include coding in the national curriculum and the practical ways how schools are implementing the teaching are of interest to educational professionals around the world. 

Kaisu Pallaskallio tells that Code School Finland’s mission is to offer all children equal opportunities to learn skills they will need in the future. ”It shouldn’t be intimidating. Coding is not just for boys and nerds. Not everyone will choose to become a programmer, but practicing coding gives advantages for other learning and life, such as self-confidence and problem solving skills”, Pallaskallio states.


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