Time flies in nature and activities

Don’t miss the northern nature that is so close in Oulu. Being a popular travel destination, Oulu offers lots of different activities as well. Experiencing new and doing things is the local mindset – join them!

The best of Finnish nature

Oulu boasts a variety of nature sights, from water systems to swamps and forests. Choose your favourite or enjoy it all!

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Adventure on the outdoor tracks

If choosing your own paths is not your thing, take one of the ready-made outdoor tracks in Oulu. Switch to adventure gear and go!

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Learn about Oulu on a guided tour

Wandering around Oulu is one thing, but taking a tour with an experienced and informed guide is a whole other experience. Try a guided tour – you won’t regret it!

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Run into the best memories

Throw yourself into the joy of experiences in Oulu. The most memorable things happen when you get your hands dirty, your feet into snow or your oars into water!

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