Oulu – the city of ‘känkky’ and ‘rössypottu’

A successful culinary experience is not for the tastebuds only: it’s a treat for your eyes, ears, nose and soul as well. ‘Känkky’, or pizza Oulu-style, never fails, and the more adventurous have a taste of ‘rössypottu’, a local blood pudding soup. In case of an all-nighter partying, you’ll find a cup of coffee to start your day right around the corner.


Luckily enough, for the ones not-so-so-keen on testing blood pudding soup or local pizza, Oulu offers a variety of food to quench your hunger.

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For coffee enthusiasts and tea addicts

The Oulu coffee culture is full of flavour. Are you the take away type, or the hedonist taking your time enjoying a book and pastries on the side?

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The night reveals the real Oulu

There’s no way better to get to know the locals than mingling in the night club queu or the dance floor. Try partying harder or longer than the crazy ouluans!

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