On the edge of creativity and nature

Oulu is a perfect mix of northern nature, urban city culture and original local flavour. The residents of Oulu have always been known for choosing their own path and seeing opportunities where others see nothing: we’ve created a hub of high technology with mobile networks and 6G connections and an air guitar event blasting the message of world peace. So visit Oulu and taste the ingredients that make up the city and its residents: rich tones of creativity, closeness to nature, a hint of originality and laid back attitude combined with a forward looking mentality and easy going mindset.


Snowed in

Get snowed in on your winter holiday in Oulu! There’s no warmer feeling than watching the snow fall and cover the city in a soft, white blanket. Enjoy the atmosphere at a candlelight dinner, over a hot cup of tea or coffee, or take your loved ones to a memorable cultural event. The soft dark nights will guarantee you a good night’s sleep in one of Oulu’s cosy hotels or cabins.

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Snowed out

Dive into the winter fun in Oulu! Feel and hear the different forms of snow under your feet. Step into the vast scenery of the frozen sea. Jump into piles of snow and speed up on a fat bike or toboggan sledge. Catch your breath and breathe in the crisp winter air! You’ll have no trouble finding sleep in the evening.

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Did you know that Oulu hosts the Lumo Light festival during the darkest weeks of the year? Image: Lumo Light Festival 2021

Winter in Oulu is full of events

Oulu is a city of events throughout the year. The city comes aglow during the darkest time of the year with the seasonal lights of the Christmas street, the light festival, and the atmospheric lights of the Christmas market. Come and enjoy the winter events in Oulu!

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What would you like?

Quirky experiences, feisty trips, fantastic nature or exceptional culture? The Oulu tourist offering has fun and memorable moments in store for even the more demanding visitor.

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On the edge of creativity and nature

Nature gives you energy as well as peace of mind. What are you looking for on your trip to Oulu? Are you more of an independent adventurer, or one to enjoy an easy trip to a close-by nature site?

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Oulu is a place of wild creativity

Creativity runs high in the waterways of Oulu, so much so that we’ve been nominated the European Capital of Culture 2026. So take it all in and dive into the culture and events while you’re here!

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Don't compromise on responsibility!

We’ve compiled five tips on how to make your trip to Oulu more sustainable and responsible. Check them out!

Travel Responsibly in Oulu and Pohjola Route Sustainability
Travel Responsibly in Oulu and Pohjola Route

Pohjola route – a way to make memories

A tourist route that has something for every holiday: hidden gems, eternal classics, experiences, thrills – and wonderful holiday memories that make you smile. Come and make yours!

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