On the edge of creativity and nature

Meet Oulu, that quirky northern city by the sea.

This is a home of people who like to choose their own path and do things differently. We are the ones who created the modern mobile technology and are forerunners in 6G. The ones who made up the peculiar Air Guitar World Championship to promote the message of world peace, and are now nominated as the European Capital of Culture 2026. In Oulu, life is an adventure, filled with rich tones of creativity and the magic of pure northern nature. We welcome everyone like an old friend, so please come and enjoy the laid-back, creative atmosphere of our beautiful seaside city.

Take some Me-time in Oulu!

Sometimes you just need some time for yourself. Me-time is when you make your own wellbeing top priority. How about a trip with the good old me myself and I? Would you spend it letting your hair down and getting your heartbeat up, or seek for peace and quiet – or a little bit of both? Find it all in Oulu!

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Nallikari by the sea – beach vibes in the summer, the magical frozen sea in the winter

Thanks to its picturesque seaside views and breath-taking natural scenery, it’s no wonder that so many people flock to Nallikari for their vacation. Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation for the whole family, or a romantic getaway, there is something that suits your needs. The long, sandy beach, the natural environment bursting with life, and the gorgeous location guarantee that you’ll be making unforgettable memories by the sea. The frozen sea in the winter is an unforgettable bucket list experience!

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Feel it, hear it, taste it, live it! Oulu is all about quirky experiences

Quirky experiences, feisty trips, fantastic nature or exceptional culture? The Oulu tourist offering has fun and memorable moments in store for even the more demanding visitor.

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It's pure, it's peaceful, it's breathtakingly beautiful – The northern nature at its best

Nature gives you energy as well as peace of mind. What are you looking for on your trip to Oulu? Are you more of an independent adventurer, or one to enjoy an easy trip to a close-by nature site?

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Is your air guitar ready to rock? Oulu is a place of wild creativity

Creativity runs high in the waterways of Oulu, so much so that we’ve been nominated the European Capital of Culture 2026. So take it all in and dive into the culture and events while you’re here!

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Dear Human. It's me, the Earth. Would you please take good care of me while traveling?

We’ve compiled five tips on how to make your trip to Oulu more sustainable and responsible. Check them out!

Travel Responsibly in Oulu and Pohjola Route Sustainability
Travel Responsibly in Oulu and Pohjola Route

Shhh... We are now about to reveal you the best kept secret of the North. Are you ready?

Here we go: Pohjola route – a new way to discover Finland! Oulu is located along the northern scenic route together with ten other municipalities and tourist destinations. On a road trip of a few days, you will see Finland’s southernmost fell, the sea and archipelagos, forests, lakes and authentic little villages.

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