Buildings and other sights in Oulu

Destinations and sights in Oulu are a concrete example of northern nature and urban culture going hand in hand. Just choose the theme of your visit, from Oulu architecture to the coolest places in the nearby nature.

The best of Finnish nature

Oulu boasts a variety of nature sights, from water systems to swamps and forests. Choose your favourite or enjoy it all!

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Nothing to see here!

The chubby Bobby statue honours a real life policeman that used to stroll around the Market place keeping the city in order. Taking a picture with him is a must!

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Dive into a story

Embrace a new world sitting in a soft seat. Travel into another time and place in no time at the theatre.

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Tune into art

Oulu has its own frequency – tune into it. Experience the city’s art and history and be somebody else for a while. Serving suggestion: Enjoy with all your senses!

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Rotuaari Piknik has gathered music-hungry summer people together at the Oulu Rotuaari. Photo: Visit Oulu

The European Capital of Culture 2026

The European Capital of Culture 2026 was a race between three Finnish cities: Oulu, Tampere and Savonlinna. Oulu was just a little higher grade, and won! 

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