Let’s change travel – and let travel change us

Sustainability and responsibility in travel come very naturally to us. At VisitOulu, we’re working hard towards reaching the Sustainable Travel Finland certification in close cooperation with stakeholders in the Oulu region.

Located in the very heartlands of Finland, the Oulu region provides ample opportunities for tourists to experience the clean and varied northern nature and the rich local culture. Our environment and cultural heritage are both unique – and as such, very important to us. Taking loving care of them is our mutual aim.

The Oulu region amalgamates two worlds in a fascinating way. On the one hand, we are Finland’s leading educational travel destination and a pioneer in ground-breaking technology and sustainable solutions. On the other hand, our way of life goes very much hand in hand with the surrounding nature: we live next to forests, fells and the sea that freezes in the winter. For us, travel is a force that unites us all, and we want to welcome each and every visitor to Oulu.

At VisitOulu, we believe that with the help of travel and tourism we can learn a great many valuable lessons about ourselves and the world we live in.

Sustainable Travel Finland programme

VisitOulu participates in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland

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Walking the talk – Visit Oulu runs a Green Office

We are a responsible employer who takes care of the environment. That’s why we are a part of WWF Green Office environmental management system with a goal to reduce our carbon footprint and use natural resources sustainably.

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Protecting the Arctic nature together with WWF

Visit Oulu and the environmental organization WWF have agreed on royalty cooperation for the years 2023–2026. The goal of the cooperation is to support arctic nature protection work and promote responsible tourism.

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