Scandic Oulu City

Saaristonkatu 4 90100 Oulu

Maksimikapasiteetti Maximum capacity 160
Kokoustilaa10 conference rooms

The hotel offers 10 inspiring, multipurpose conference spaces for up to 160 persons, and a restaurant suited for private events.

Scandic Oulu City
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Conference spacesTheatreRestaurantClassroomCocktail roomConference space
Vaunumaakari 16546
Vaunumaakari 290506680
Vaunumaakari 1-216080112100
Kamarineuvos 12518
Kamarineuvos 23524
Kamarineuvos 1-26542
Kivi-Taneli 13522
Kivi-Taneli 22518
Kivi-Taneli 1-26036
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