Finland’s new scenic ring route, the Pohjola Route, is an easy drive with plenty to get excited about. It’s a cross-section of all the best sides of Finland: from open sea to the southernmost fells in the country, with ice age formations, historical harbours and genuine four seasons.

Drive through Finnish history

In particular, the road from Kalajoki to Syöte via Rokua Geopark has an important historic standpoint as it includes the largest rivers of Finland. Tar was an important product in the river districts back in the 19th century. It was transported to international markets via rivers and the sea.

Agriculture is also an integral part of the scenery in the Ostrobothnian area, with large and small farms mutually benefitting from the land’s riches. At best, you can see fields extend over areas as wide as 20 kilometres in diameter as you drive.

All coastal towns of the Pohjola Route play a part in Finnish history. These towns used to be important harbours in the 18th and 19th centuries, thanks to trade in tar and salmon. These days, old towns are mostly restored so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of days gone by.

Safe and easy roads

It’s easy to browse the Pohjola Route using the online service. Moving from one location to another is very straightforward, since the roads have high speed limits, meaning you can easily drive hundreds of kilometres in a single day.

Roads are also safe even in bad weather conditions as they are well maintained. What’s more, there are numerous quaint villages with cafeterias and service stations approximately every 20 or 50 kilometres, so there are plenty of opportunities to take a nice little break from driving and enjoy the scenery and a hearty snack or meal.

Combine activities into your holiday

There are many types of activities available along the Pohjola Route and you can purchase them easily online. More activities are constantly being added. With the online platform you can plan your journey and pick the activities you want to experience. This makes planning your holiday quick and easy.


  • You’ll need a car. It’s easy to reach the starting point, Oulu, and then rent a car to begin your journey on the Pohjola Route.
  • You can experience the route throughout the year. Finnish rental cars always have winter tires and roads are well managed.
  • There are activities available throughout the year: Skiing on both flat and slope and ice fishing on the frozen sea are winter experiences that stay with you a long time. The white nights of summer flood your soul with the light of the North that is something very special.
  • Do you love camping? Pohjola Route has a variety of caravan and camping sites in beautiful locations.
  • Find out more about Pohjola Route here!

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