Learning English in Oulu, Finland? Sound odd? Due to a high demand, we made it happen. Read below what it is all about.

Oulu has some unique and interesting learning environments for foreign educational visitors, such as nature school, libraries, museums and a cinema school. Because of the user feedback received, a new educational product has been launched: English language courses for youngsters.

”We have noticed that there is a demand for English language courses, as for example in Japan the language education focuses on grammar whereas in Finland we learn through interaction”, states Eija Ruohomäki, responsible for educational visits of Oulu.

Although us Finns feel shy about our accent, the ”rally English”, we have a very clear pronunciation for many nationalities’ ears. Therefore it is easier for some students to understand English here in Finland, than amongst native English speakers.

Inclusive learning

The courses emphasize on practicing English vocabulary and the participants are encouraged to use the language by speaking. The courses also include digital storytelling, being one of the specialties in Oulu. In Finnish schools, one of the main components is including the students to the means of teaching, which can be unusual in other cultures and schools systems. Along with language teaching, the students get the opportunity to learn about the Finnish culture, way of life and education system.

”The teaching consists of English teaching sessions combined to inclusive learning, such as baking and crafts”, Ruohomäki tells.

A typical Finnish school week

Courses arranged by Oulu-opisto take one to two weeks and are targeted for youngsters from the age of 16 to 19 years. During the week, school days take place between 9am and 3pm. The course days consist of elements from a normal Finnish school day: there are school lunches, breaks and various activities.

During the day, the actives can be for instance a small talk -tea party, pronunciation workhops, story telling projects, sports, music, crafts, drama classes or nature activities. During the evenings and weekends some guided leisurely activities are arranged. Often the students visit the nearby travel destinations Kalajoki, Rokua Geopark or Syöte. On the last day, the course has a farewell party where mutual games take place. The entity forms a true EDUexperience for the students.

”The additional programs are implemented by the operators in the Oulu area and city of Oulu provides the educational activities. During the course, the students get familiar with the Northern nature of Finland, crafts and Finnish gastronomy”, Ruohomäki tells.


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