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Art & Design in Oulu

City center in Oulu being very compact, we can make the tour by foot! We will visit the galleries and handicraft shop, city hall, galleries, Northern Photographic Center, Pikisaari, Oulu Cathedral, Oulu Muesum of Art… You will hear a short introduction to the history of the city with the statues by sculptor Sanna Koivisto and of course other stories about the statues.

Workshop of art

Art workshop in Koiteli Workshop of art takes place in beautiful surroundings of Koiteli. You get to learn more about visual arts, professional artist’s skills and special techniques. You are also encouraged to find your own creativity in art workshop guided by Finnish sculptor Antti Ylönen. There’s no previous experience of art creating needed.

Day in Koiteli, winter or summer

Welcome to Koiteli located by river Kiiminkijoki! Here in Koiteli you get to enjoy fun outdoor activities in an island located in the middle of two rapids. Beautiful surroundings, ancient trees and the silence give a feeling of being also in the center of yourself.

In winter you get to try walking on snowshoes, cross country skiing and traditional kick sledge ‘potkuri’ ride! All these activities will give you the taste of traditional Finnish ways of moving in snow in the early days. And of course everyone will experience a short ride in a sledge pulled by the reindeer.

In summer you’ll get to test and learn some wilderness skills. Try out canoeing and enjoy a relaxing guided walk in the Koiteli area. You can carve wood and take part in a handicraft workshop, get to know reindeer and hear the fascinating stories of a local reindeer herder and in Tunnelmatupa hut you’ll learn to bake some traditional Finnish buns.

After the activities we will enjoy coffee or tea while everyone will have the chance to make their own souvenir out of wood, leather and pine wood tar. So you will get the scent of Koiteli to take home with you.

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