Koskikippari in Koiteli - Conference and event service

Meetings amidst the rush of the rapids!

Situated on the banks of the Kiiminkijoki River, the inspiring Koskikippari’s surroundings transform to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger events. The meeting cabin provides a serene environment equipped with all modern meeting amenities. The space also seamlessly doubles as a venue for evening gatherings, complemented by the availability of Koskikippari’s sauna. Free parking is available in the meeting venue’s courtyard.

During the winter season, we recommend the cabin for meetings and gatherings of up to 20 people. In spring, summer, and fall, Koskikippari comfortably caters to larger groups, leveraging the outdoor spaces more effectively.

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  • Ylikyläntie 184
    90900 Oulu
  • +3588 415 277 70
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