Mourunki lake

Mourunkijärvi is a clear-watered peatland lake in the middle of Juurussuo in Kempele. The lake is located at the end of Mourungintie road, and you can also reach it via hiking trails by mountain bike or by skiing in the winter. About one kilometre from the lake there is Marjakammi, a popular tipi-like hut where you can make campfire. The Mourunkijärvi beach is one of the two official swimming beaches in Kempele. Every autumn, the Kempele Marathon Club organizes Mourunki Trail Run, a run or a walk from Köykkyri to Mourunkijärvi and back. On Mourungintie, before the lake, you can find Linnunrata Alpaca Farm and cafe, that is open during high seasons (check the opening hours).

Mourungintie 345, Kempele
(the road ens at Mourunkijärvi)

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Mourunki lake
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  • Mourungintie 345
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