Oula Kitchen & Bar

The restaurant, which respects the experiences of the North and evokes the feelings of Lapland, is the heart of Lapland Hotels Oulu. The word “oula” in the Sami language means flood waters – the name of Oulu, known for its perennially flowing river, is also based on the same word. Dishes designed by Oula’s master chefs bring Lapland’s nature to the plate in a delicate and expressive way.

The surprise menu is a tribute to the diverse nature of the North and the world’s purest ingredients sourced from the wild. We have roamed the rolling fell tops and open mires and forests in the wilderness to offer you a surprise menu that embodies the genuine and unique quality of Northern nature. In addition to the surprise menu, we also serve slightly more relaxed dishes from the bistro menu as well as breakfast.

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Dinner in Oula Kitchen & Bar.