Traditional Icefishing at Oulu

Join us on this captivating winter activity and immerse yourself in the true essence of Arctic living. Register now and anticipate an adventure that will not only awaken your senses but also provide a genuine taste of local Arctic life. Welcome to enjoy the beauty of winter in the frozen sea of Oulu!

During the activity, if we have some luck, we will get some fish and cook it on open fire.

The price includes a delightful campfire snack package, featuring sausages, beverages, campfire coffee/tea, and pastries. The warm campfire creates a cozy ambiance and provides an opportunity to warm up during the activity.

The number of participants in the trip is 2-5 people and can only be reserved for one group at a time.

The duration of the excursion is 1-3 hours. Starting time is 12:00. The place of departure will be announced after booking. It is also accessible by public transport.

The reservation must be made 2 days before the start of the activity.

Option for winter clothes (overall, winter boots, beanie, gloves) is available 29€/person. Booking winter glothes with sizes (but those to at information when booking) week before activity.

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group on the ice
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