Nature Power from a forest in Sanginjoki - Naturest Oy

Let’s Breathe the forest!

Nature Power is intended for individuals or groups who need a touch of nature in order to calm down, to gain additional power, or a new perspective on their own creativity.

If, instead of calming down, your body needs to be challenged, we’ll offer a heartrate-boosting workout. We’ll pit ourselves against the forest and get the sweat flowing. Our partner network includes experts in workplace well-being, weight management, meditation, visual arts, and handicrafts. This means we can create a package to specifically suit you or your group, when nature power is exactly what you need.

For example:
Come with us to enjoy in the arms of the Finnish forest. During the nature walk we challenge our senses to hear, feel and see the surrounding nature holistically.
Breathing exercises soothe us by the trees. We hear local stories and learn what the forest means to Finns. A relaxing moment in clean, Finnish nature increases health and relieves stress. In summer this can be arranged also during the night.
After the walk we sit by the campfire. Everyone gets to make a memory for themselves; a little piece of jewerly made from a local reed.
Coffee/tea with a little sweet and sausages are served.

For special groups, we have safe and goal-oriented nature care services. For us, every customer is special and is approached as a complete individual. We are building nature care services for people with intellectual disabilities, child protection customers, substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation. For rehabilitation facilities and assisted living, we also bring the nature experiences indoors.

In Sanginjoki we can use the services of Nature Cafe Loppula.
We can also arrange transport if you need.

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People resting in Finnish woods
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