Top gifts and memories from Oulu

Go shopping and bring a piece of Oulu back home with you! The most popular Oulu gifts and souvenirs include things made out of tar, local artisan chocolate and quirky Oulu merchandise. Valkea Shopping Centre and the streets nearby – all the way to the Oulu Market Hall – are the best spots to find concrete memories to take with you.

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Finnish design is sold by Taito Shop Oulu.

Taito Shop Oulu

Laaja valikoima eläintarvikkeita Puuilosta

Puuilo Rusko

Valkean Kesäkatu ilta-auringon paisteessa.

Valkea Shopping Centre

Puuilo Vasaraperästä löydät laajan valikoiman työkaluja

Puuilo Vasaraperä


Design Shop Proto

Oulu brand products on a shelf

Oulu Shop in Oulu Tourist Info