Lakes and rivers


The northern nature is wonderful, insightful, and full of surprises – just ask the people in the Oulu region who try to guess when the lakes and rivers will break free of ice every spring. Hissing, cracking, and gurgling of the water – the movement of the ice bulks is not only an impressive sight, it also sounds amazing. At its best, the breaking of the ice which covers the rivers is a spectacle, with powerful currents carrying huge ice floes, often creating large dams and floods in their wake.

The northern water areas offer plenty of activities. The many rapids in the free-flowing Kiiminkijoki River provide challenges even for experienced canoeists, among these a wild class III rapid. For those looking for less reckless speeds, Koitelinkoski Rapids in Kiiminkijoki can be ridden in large inflatable boats in May and June. Other options for navigating waterways include kayaks and Indian canoes.

Best places for fishing

The numerous rivers running through the Oulu region offer plenty of chances for fishing and generous catches. Nearly 180 kilometres in length, Kiiminkijoki has many great spots for fishing, and more can be found along the rivers Sanginjoki, Iijoki, and Oulujoki. What would be a better present to bring home from the Oulu region than a salmon you caught yourself?

If you would like some advice from experienced fishermen, try the fishing courses offered by GoArctic! and Atteson, whose guides know these fishing waters like the backs of their hands and lead you to the best spots. In Lohilaakso fishing activity centre in Kalajoki, you may catch your own dinner, which will then be prepared by the restaurant’s chef.

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