Lovi Workshop


LOVI Workshop: Creativity and 3 Dimensional Thinking for Students and Educational Professionals.

Welcome to LOVI workshop and get creative while working with your hands! LOVI is an environmentally friendly business in northern Finland which produces flat packed, self-assembled 3d birch wood figures.

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Experience the wonder of painting and assembling your own 3d LOVI figure! Begin the workshop by learning about the history of LOVI designs and the patented LOVI slotting method. Next, paint your own LOVI figure using our artist quality watercolor paints. Play with color mixing while exploring color theory. Then as you assemble your LOVI figure, practice and challenge your 3d thinking skills. LOVI workshop is fun and suitable for all ages year round!

Elina Seppänen

Taito Shop
Rautatienkatu 11B
90100 OULU

+358 40 352 2500



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