Market square Policeman


Meet the Market Square policeman

In Oulu, an important part of the market life was the market police, whose task was to keep an eye on the market square and maintain order. Through them, the townspeople and those who came from the province to the town became acquainted firsthand with the authorities and the police.

The toripolliisi statue, sometimes called the Bobby at the Market Square, was unveiled in front of the Market Hall close to the square in 1987. Standing at 2.2 metres, the policeman is taller than most basketball players . The bronze sculpture was designed by Kaarlo Mikkonen and the work is a tribute to the police who patrolled the Market Square from 1934 to 1979.

Over the years, the robust policeman with his cap and Sam Browne belt has become a symbol of Oulu, and is a popular choice for selfies.

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