Oulu Safaris


Oulu Safaris is specialized to nature programs and learning by doing programs. Oulu Safaris teaches basic nature skills and cultural specialities which finns learn alredy in childhood. Traditional games, wonders of the nature and culture and history by learning while doing.

Educational trips:

Nature trip – a glimpse of finnish style of nature experience and learning nature skills (students & adults)

Cultural visit to authentic reindeer farm and learn about reindeer hearding and be part of farm’s every day life) (students & adults)

Aurora Hunting – Learn about nature phenomena and finnish nature. Bus trip to wilderness and hope to see auroras. (students & adults)

Learn finnish ice fishing on the ice of the frozen sea (students & adults)

Snow sculpting for beginners – 3 hours course how to make a snow sclpture (students & adults)

Cross country skiing school – learn the basic techniques in ski school (students & adults)

Ms. Ulla Anttila

Sales & Marketing

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