Valve Film School for Children


Valve Film School for Children makes your dreams come true. We are organising film workshops and courses for children where they can participate in phenomenon and experimential based learning. Valve Film School for Children has been awarded Day of Child -prize for remarkable contribution for art education by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Our products:

Valve Film School for Children is offering workshops for camp school programs, schools, families and teacher training. The content is linked to the Finnish national core curriculum for basic education. We are emphasizing the active involvement of pupils, meaningfulness, joy of learning and interaction. You can choose either Live Action Filming, Animation or Trick Shots workshop. In our workshops you can experience film making even in two hours.

Best course ever to meet the ITC & Nature Balance in school sessions. A “must to” course to improve ITC skills and nature inclusion in school.


Valve Film School for Children

Tommi Nevala
+358 (0)44 7037547


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